Michael Jackson – Was he Homeless?

27 06 2009


Michael Jackson was an amazing artist. He changed the face of the music industry with his amazing talent and ability to captivate audiences. He reached explosive levels of fame and made millions of dollars with his music career. Sadly it was only in Fall of 2007 that Michael Jackson’s dwindling fortune was revealed and questions about whether the icon was homeless were raised. Newspapers all over the world were asking if it was possible – that someone who had accumulated so much wealth, could really be homeless? Newspapers such as this article from Perth, Austrlaia, reported that Michael was relying on the kindness of friends and relatives to provide a place for him and his kids to stay. It boogles my mind to even think that someone with so much weath could ever reach a point of homelessness. But Michael isn’t the only celebrity to face homelessness – Check out these images asking the question of “Homeless Celebs?” from the New York Daily News.

I think that if we consider the world we live in, it doesn’t take long to realize how real and how easy it is to become homeless. Whenever the price of rent goes up, for some it means less dinners out while for others, especially those living near the poverty line, it means they simply can’t afford a place to live anymore. Homelessness can happen to anyone, and it’s time we all worked together to put a stop to it.




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