Expressions of homelessness

1 06 2009

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share a very powerful drawing from artist Ben Chan. Take a look below:


I think the phrase is a great play on words, where by stating “Keep your coins, I want change!” he is not referring to spare change but rather real change that work towards making changes in order to solve the homelessness problem. I love how art can say so much.


Welcome to Give a Voice

17 05 2009

While I am extremely interested in social issues affecting vulnerable populations all over the world, I would like to start my blog by focusing on the homelessness problem in my own hometown. In the Winter of 2007, I was heavily involved in the Cold Wet Weather Mat Program in the Tri Cities, and after having just returned to Vancouver after studying abroad in Vienna, Austria for one year, I would like to investigate the issue once again. Soon you will be able to find out more about the CWWM Program in the “Local Homelessness Issue” page above, so you can get updated on what projects I have been up to.

With this blog, I will be sharing my investigations of local homelessness in the Tri Cities and in Vancouver. I will share my conversations with people working towards the elimination of homelessness in these areas – including local polititians, the Hope for Freedom Society, the Tri Cities Homelessness Task Force, Wendy Pederson, and volunteers from soup kitchens. I will also post resources, news articles, and stories which will help you get to know the problem better. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any other ideas about how to investigate this problem!

Currently I am reading several books on global issues and problems, capitalism, corporate social responsibility, and different ideas about how to create a world without poverty. I will also share interesting ideas and thoughts from my readings in this blog.

To finish off my first blog post, I’d like to share a poem from Homeless Nation, Canada’s online homeless community:

Let me tell you of a place that exists
in so many cities and towns;
The city may change in location
and size but this place exists.
Most people try to turn their eyes,
and say it does not exist.
This place? It is the place of the homeless

Who am I?
And what gives me the right to say that most people
Try to say it does not exist?
My name is Nobody
I heard a mother say in response to her child’s enquiry
“Mommy, who is that man?”
As she pointed toward me
“Nobody, dear, he is a homeless man.”