Useful Links

Here are some useful links for learning more about homelessness in Metro Vancouver, with a focus on the Downtown East Side (DTES) and the Tri Cities.


  • – This is the provincial commission which develops, manages, and administers subsidized housing in B.C.
  • – Here you can find information about the provincial government’s housing and support services.
  • – This is a non-profit legal advocacy organization which uses law to facilitate social change. They are located in the DTES and have released some informative reports about low income housing and homelessness.
  • – This website gives information about Cold Weather Shelter Strategies for shelters to serve the homeless during the winter.

Levels of Homelessness:

  • The National Homelessness Initiative – This is the federal government’s homepage on its homeless efforts.
  • Greater Vancouver Regional District – the GVRD’s webpage on homelessness in the Lower Mainland. Here you can find the Regional Homeless Plan, research reports, and statistics.
  • Housing Center, City of Vancouver – This website is very informative – it has information about what social housing is, the city’s action plan, the city’s services for homelessness, and its housing plan to name a few resources.
  • The Tri Cities – This website is the homepage of the Tri Cities Homelessness Task Force, which provides support and services for homeless people in the Tri Cities. Click on the “Learn More” link to gain access to a library of reports and resources.

Interactive Media:

  • Films about Homelessness – This is a pdf document showing a very good list of documentaries and short films about homelessness.


  • The Red Book Online – This is an extremely comprehensive search engine for finding NGOs and all kinds of service organizations.

Current News:

  • – This is an independent daily online magazine focused on B.C. and has many articles on homelessness.
  • – This paper is composed of independent journalists in Canada and has many articles on homelessness.
  • – This is an online community of homeless people. Here you can view art work, poems, and gain perspectives from the homeless people themselves.

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